Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have found some great tips on you tube so i will be adding those to my blog as well as the other tips.

Hey All

I am so sorry I have been busy lately. I havent forgotten all you ladies. I am back and I will be sure to post my beauty tips weekly I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Lets make 2009 the best year we can!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SKIN SO SOFT Winter Soft

I also have skin so soft in winter soft scent (its new)
I have a hand cream for 4.00
I have intensive Concentrate 8.00
and I have a hand wash 6.00

So again you shopping can be as easy as 1,2,3 just place your order and let me do the work for you. Avon has something for everyone on your list. so contact me or go to my website and place your order today. Thanks.

Fragrance kits

I have fragrance kits in Sweet Honesty and Candid for 10.00. Each kit includes a perfume spray and a powder, and skin softner, all in a decorative box.

Foot works

I have foot works kits in winter spice scent. for 22.00. It comes with a foot cream, a foot soak, and an exfoliating foot scrub as well as the foot tub.


Christmas is just around the corner so why not order from Avon and let me do all the work.
I will provide free delivery for any order. Free gift wrapping on any order of 25.00 or more.
So order Avon this holiday season.
I have a few items in stock: I have naturals beauty kits for 10.00, I have Lavender, vanilla, and gardenia. Each kit comes with a lotion, body wash and body spray and wrapped in a decorative bag for the holiday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holiday Gift Sale

Just to update the last entry I posted, I want to let you know what is in the kits I will have for sale.

Well for those special ladies and young women in your life.

I have Naturals bath sets for sale @ 10.00 for the Kit or 4.00 per bottle
and they include: Shower gel, Body lotion, Body Spray
In these delightful scents:
Cucumber Melon
Lavender & Chamomile
Plum & Nectarine

Next give that special someone a lovely Candle lit Bubble Bath.
Bubble Bath - 6.00 Each
In these scents:
Cucumber Melon
Fresh Peach
For Kids (which smells like bubble gum)
Peppermint Delight (just for the Holidays)

Next Pamper your skin with the new Skin-so-soft line Winter Soft
Items I have are:
Intensive Concentrate hand cream - 8.00
Hand Cream- 4.00
Hand wash - 6.00

Then why not treat her or him to a great foot rub and soak with my foot works Winter Spice Kits
They include:
Moisturizing foot cream
Refreashing foot soak
Exfoliating foot scrub
Foot tub with nail brush

Next I have fragrance gift sets - 10.00
Wild Country
*Cologne Spray
*After shave Conditioner

Black Suede
*Cologne Spray
*After Shave Conditioner

For Women
Sweet Honesty
*Cologne Spray
*Perfumed Skin softner
*Shimmering body Powder

*Cologne Spray
*Perfumed Skin softner
*Shimmering body powder

I also have Anew Triple lifting Face Cream - 20.00

14 K Gold Cross Necklace - 70.00

So please come see what I have and come buy something for your loved ones on your list. Also if I don't have what you want in stock I will order it for you.

Credit cards and cash only